• If you are tired of the cycle of dieting, the latest fat-loss fad or idea, losing scale weight then adding the lost weight back on; fitness and nutritional coaching might be the change of pace you are looking for.

If you’ve tried losing scale weight with cookie cutter magazine diets, or something picked up from random people, then find that it isn’t effective long term. If you want to work on more than body weight, you want to be both healthy, and fit, but how?

  • Fitness and Nutritional coaching might be just the answer you need, why?

No Diets: We can set up a meal plan, or a quick fix plan, to get you on your way to getting you to meet your goal(s), what we strive for is long term health and wellness.  We aren’t about short term diets, which seem to work at first then slowly fade away into the sunset.

  • What happens when the diet ends and old eating habits return?

If you are like the majority of the population, the old weight returns as fast as the old habits, statistically  you not only regain what you lost but also a little more as well.

  • Our goal is to return your body to good health by relearning good eating habits one step at a time,

once you’re back in good nutritional health, your body should respond positively.

Along with setting nutritional goals, we also provide written fitness training plans and offer personal training.

  • Our goal is to help make you fit for life by teaching (coaching) you to be more intuitive regarding healthy eating and movement behaviors. We want you to be successful after working with us, to enable you to be the healthy fit person you’ve always knew you could be.
  • We work to find exercise that you find motivates you and works with your schedule.
  • We also work on habits and relearning behaviors that will benefit you in both health and fitness.

What do I offer and what is available?

  • Creating an overall health and fitness plan
  • Phone support via phone or live chat
  • Fitness training in person or via live chat
  • Nutritional plans and/or working on relearning healthy habits
  • Weekly, monthly, and package plans are available

If you have any questions on how I can help you reach your goals feel free to contact me and let me help you too.